Monday, March 18, 2013

Can an iPad replace a Teacher Laptop? How?

Many of our teachers love iPads. But can they be productive with them? Two years ago the common sense dial pointed to iPad as an entertainment or consumption device, not a production tool for real work. That is proving to be an oversimplification. Is a different kind of production, using different processes and tools, still production? Is it? What can you produce? What do you need to / want to produce? What tools and processes do you need? Let's dig in and invent some answers.

From Edudemic
In our school system we have moved to embrace the iPad rather quickly, faster really than comfortable for some of us. This speed has been a direct result of required assessments, we need the iPads NOW was the call in August. This has up heaved our status quo. We have been a Windows shop, desktops and laptops for 8 years. Now,  iPads...

At this point, we find our teachers replete with technology; desktop, laptop and new iPad. This makes outfitting a teacher expensive, both in dollars and support hours. Something has to give.

The technology department has leaned on school personnel at each step to help us figure out the best way to help teachers and student use the iPads. We are going back to the boots on the ground to find out how far an iPad will take a teacher.OR is that how far a teacher can take an iPad? How far a teacher can take a student using an iPad?

This blog will explore what are we to do moving forward. Do teachers need laptops and iPads? What functionality does an individual lose and gain if they only have a desktop and an iPad (and no laptop). What can the ITT department to do support teachers in this transition.

Please let us all know your initial thoughts, including why you are interested in this pilot program, in responses to this post. thanks in advance. !