Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A few favorite apps

I met someone a few days ago that had an iPad 1. The original iPad released 3 years ago. She told me how much she loved it and then asked me how to put apps on it. "Great question" I said. And I thought to myself, "what have you been doing with if it you don't have any apps?". Browsing the web, email and calendar are handy on an iPad. But there is so much more out there when you start exploring apps.

Here are a few great apps to get started with:

  1. Google Drive - access your google drive account, read, edit, and share your google documents; including offline access. This app is not perfect yet, and has some limitations. Tables don't work yet, and you can't work with presentations yet. 
  2. Evernote - take and share notes online in the cloud. Works on a PC and Mac too. Works through a browser or phone too. All your notes are available on any web device. This provides and organization structure as well, including to do lists and web clipping. 
  3. Common Core - access Common Core State Standards on your iPad.
  4. neu.Annotate - open, highlight, add icons and text, annotate, etc. PDF files on your iPad. Save and organize PDFs for future reference. A great tool for working with documents on the web. Allow student to "mark up" text. 
  5. Qrafter - QR code reader.
  6. Gmail - 'nuff said
  7. Feedly - RSS reader. This is my replacement for google reader. I use it to collect new post from blogs I follow.
  8. iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes U, iBooks
I am interested in learning more about these
  1. inkflow
  2. Penultimate

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I've been looking for a way to use photographs and the ipad to help in charting seminar work with students. Kimberly Eggett has hipped me to "Skitch." This app allows me to take a photo (or use an existing photo or web content) and then draw/annotate over it. I'm still working out how these can be shared, but it's a productive first step.

Skitch is free from the App Store.