Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Google Docs Challenges

So, it seems like everyone is gaga for Google docs, but I've hit a wall in collaborating with The i Pad. In short, whether using a link to G. Docs or the app, I cannot see tables imported into documents nor can I see revisions made in real time with collaborating colleagues. 
Kind of frustrating...any ideas tech gurus?


  1. I have had similar frustrations being able to view tables from my iPad.

  2. Me too. I really want to be able to edit my lesson plans in google docs....I use a table for mine. I am exploring a couple different planning apps. One is for Common Core.

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  4. I have found this to be a limitation as well. I can only guess that google would be interested to improve functionality of their drive app.

    I have found that if I open a doc in safari I am able to see tables. But I have to switch from the mobile view to the desktop view. There is a hard to find link for this at the bottom of the page when you first log into drive through safari. "view google drive in" - choose desktop and you may find you get better results.